Courier service for local e-commerce businesses

  • 40,000 $

Product exist and work in Russia, Kazakhstan and Nigeria

  • Russia ptchk.ru
  • Kazakhstan tigr.kz
  • Nigeria egle.ng
  • Philippines next


$400k invested in software

● Order form: web, android + ios

● Courier tool: android, ios, messenger

● Voice input

● Notification system: sms, whatsapp, telegram

● Payment system: p2p payments integration


Traction: 140k deliveries

● Russia: 130k deliveries, $1.2 millions revenue. Started at August 2017

● Kazakhstan: 11k deliveries, $29k revenue.Started at April 2018

● Nigeria: 291 deliveries,Two months on production

● Philippines: going to start


Next step: Manila

*Domain and name depends on local marketing situation


● Measured client demand

● Right size of agglomeration area

● Good traction of similar services launching in Manila

Project scaling plan. Months after start

Step 1 Soft launch: web, apps, ads, hiring system. First orders. No revenue model

2 months

— 10 orders per day

— Net Promoter Score (NPS): 6.5

Step 2 Regular service. Retention. Ensuranse, cash on delivery option

4 months

— 50 orders per day

— NPS 7.5

— 36% retained clients

Step 3 Advertisement scaling. Online payments

6 months

— 100 orders per day

— 45% retained clients

— Cost Per Order (CPO) 100 peso

Step 4 Break even point

6 months

NO operating loss


Revenue, Commision and margin Forecast

Market size: 1 million orders per day (e-commerce deliveries ≈ . food delivery )

Serviceable Obtainable Market = 100k orders per day

● billing per order = $3

● Five year forecast. Revenue per year = $60 millions, Commission $12m.

Margin $3m

● Estimated ROI = 47%

Main product development is done. Launch scheme is proven. Scaling plan repeatable

Perfect partnership:


Has locally incorporated company for fast start

(Example: some job services asks to have a local company for create an account)

● Has experience in online payments, or other kind of fintech area

● Ready to organise local company incorporation for courier delivery


● Do all daily routine job

● Do all marketing

● Do all product development

● Listen carefully partner ideas

Best deal 

● Revenue share 50/50

● Expenses share 50/50.

So, partner investments: $40k

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