Online Marketplace Business, Singapore

  • 40,000 $

Investments: SGD 40 000
Reason: Not able to commit due to other business.
- They are basically an IT solutions company, and have developed a website where customers can request for home renovation, interior design and decor services.

- Have tied up with home decor and interior design service providers for providing them different customer orders.

- They receive a commission from service providers on each order that are processed through the platform.

- Have worked on a few small projects for clients based in Singapore, and the website has the potential to reach out to more customers through proper SEO and digital marketing.

- The platform is currently non operational because of management limitations, and are planning to sell this platform. The new buyer would receive all the intellectual property of this platform, and all the operational network, as part of the sale.

Advertising & E-commerce for renovation contractors to be able to get leads through this online portal.


Operating at break even

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