Lomobil, Singapore

  • 20,000 $

Lomobil is a photo-printing kiosks' franchise. It doesn't take much time to maintain and can be considered as a passive income.


The kiosk allows the customer to print "Polaroid"-like photos and stickers from various sources:

- Any public Instagram account

- Smartphone photo-gallery

- Photos sent by email to a special email address

- Via Telegram bot

- Instant selfie taken by kiosk itself (in-built camera)


Customers interact with a kiosk through a sensor screen, and pay for the photos by cash. Kiosk accepts both banknotes and coins.


Kiosk maintenance includes paper top-up (each loading is 800 photos), encashment (up to 1500 banknotes) and supporting customers by phone.


If a customer faces difficulties in using the kiosk and calling customer support line, there is a functionality for support operator to connect to the kiosk remotely, to see the screen and even execute needed actions on behalf of the customer.

On average, you will have 2-3 calls to customer support per month.



Photo paper set for 800 photos: $226.84 (here and below $ means SGD)

Sticker media set for 800 stickers: $428.00

Internet: $25-50 depending on the amount of traffic (especially system updates) per month

Electricity: $22 per month

Space rental: depending on the mall from $300 to $1500+. Currently renting a low-budget space in Nex for $321 per month

Royalty: 50 euro per month per kiosk ($76)

Business maintenance cost: $500-$2000 depending on a service provider per year


Current performance:

On average 1000 photos printed per month (each photo costs to a customer $1, minimum order is 2 photos)

On average 170 stickers printed per month (each sticker costs to a customer $1.5, minimum order is 2 stickers)


Total expenses per month (without business maintenance cost):

$285 (photo paper) + $90 (sticker media) + $37 (Internet) + $321 (rent) + $22 (electricity) + $76 (royalty) = $831


Total revenue per month per kiosk: $1225


Profit $394 per month,

$4728 per year.


Profit strongly depends on the people flow at the area where kiosk is installed. For more popular (and expensive) places, a profit can reach $2000-$3000 per month per kiosk.


Beside installation in malls, Lomobil kiosks can be used as an additional attraction and source of income for such places as: event halls, restaurants, entertainment areas.

There is an option to allow free printing of the photos from Instagram with kiosk owner-defined hashtags. It will stimulate customers to quote your hashtag and naturally promote your company, event, flash mob, etc.

Location - Shopping mall NEX, 2nd floor 

You can also use the white space on the photo (frame) to print your information and images.

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