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  • 190,774 $

1. Operate since 2011, delivering worldwide, the main direction  - Russia. 

2. The shop of Thai medicine, cosmetics, superfoods, tea, coffee and healthy lifestyles of goods on Phangan, since 2014

3. Coffee shop since 2014 (inside the shop doors)

4. Production and delivery of ice cream, since 2017.

The business is fully working, stable and growing very actively every year.

Annual turnover of 2018 - 4.5 million baht (124.000 euros).

Perfect location, store is quite famous. This is one of the most iconic, well-known places on the island with an excellent reputation for a place where "there is everything that you can need for health and beauty," you will always get advise here, a shop running up with adequate prices. The reputation of the store allows it to grow without investing in advertising.

The shop is located in SriThanu, an area on the island where yoga and detox centers are concentrated, vegan restaurants, i.e. business target audience. The store is located 100 meters from the store 7-11 (a common Thai supermarket net), which is a stopping place for people, a place where roads flow. Next to the store there are shops of jewelry, clothes, cafes, restaurants, massage parlors, laundry, which ensures a constant active flow of customers.

The store is unique in comparison with all competitors with its assortment, there are variety of product groups, consulting, selection of medicine preparations for specific requests. As well as its visual design and aesthetics are the advantages of the shop. 

Active products - 1000 items.  Direct contracts with Thai manufacturers. There are also imported goods (India, China, South America, Europe, Russia, Africa, Southeast Asia).

The area  is 150 sq.m., including the showroom, office, warehouse, packing area.

Stable team, working for 4 years. 

Business processes are automated.

Legal reliability.

Reliable partners and suppliers. 

2 work permits

Rent paid until 31/03/2020

Coffee shop. Since 2014, there are a cozy vegan coffee shop and a teahouse, serving drinks, designer desserts and ice cream (assortment checked by satisfied customers, their reviews), operating on the shop’s territory.

Production and delivery of ice cream "CocoNata"

This is a working business that can be an independent unit.

Ice cream production can be sold separately as an independent business. The price 200,000 baht (5 500 euros).

Successfully launched and implemented in 2017. 24 flavors of 100% natural vegan coconut ice cream are produced.

Separate production workshop, rent is paid until 01.08.2019. Food production license. The potential  - 1 million baht and above (27 000 euros) annual turnover.

Why the offer is profitable and relevant:

- Business works constantly without stopping, so even while you are immersed in it, it brings profit.

- Active growth. 

- The ability to live permanently (if desired) in the tropics and at the same time earn money.

- Buying a business before the start of the high season allows you to immediately begin to return investments.

- Do not need to worry about renting, because it has already been paid for the long term.

- A reliable team will support and ensure smooth operation.

The founder supports and teaches and transmits a description of all business processes, suppliers, features of legal, tax support and accounting, visa issues, features of the Thais mentality and etc.

The price is 4.5 million baht or 124.000 euros. Return of investments at the expense of net profit - 1.7 -2.5 years.

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