Apartment in VIP project " The Castle" in Pattaya, Thailand

  • 843,033 $

The apartment comes with a 12% discount, i.e. the actual yield is over 11% per annum (plus annual indexation in accordance with the special conditions in The Castle).

Special investment conditions:
- Increased guaranteed rent: 1st year - 10%, 2nd year - 10.3%, 3rd year - 10.6%, etc.
- Repurchase after 5 years - 100%, after 6 years - 110%, etc., after 10 years - 125%
- if you wish, you can keep the apartment in a guaranteed rental for 20 years
- For 21 days a year you can use your own (or equivalent) apartment
- Discounts on airport transfers, etc.

Apartment details: NCA1-703 Castle Exclusive Suites: 117 sqm, 7th floor. The price is 19,890,000 THB.
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Tags: VIP project, Pattaya, Thailand, Apartment for investments, Real estate


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