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  • QQ Exclusive Partner Fanbase community Group-talk Application.
  • Total of 160 Million users
  • Gathering over 900,000 chating groups
  • Over 16 Million of Daily Average Page Views
  • Daily Average Content Forwards 4.1 Million

Blockchain Business of Vofans: 

Business Strategy

  • Vofans chain uses decentralized block chain technology to transform the whole entertainment industry ecosystem and make it operate more fairly and efficiently.
  • Vofans will achieve tokenization of fan value and celebrity rights through blockchain technology, and gradually build the infrastructure of entertainment industry to support individual and group identity authentication of fans, Multi - type intelligent contract, rebuild the way of industrial role participation, innovate the existing basic ecological facilities, such as fan election, crowdfunding, star distribution, eco - equity mall, brand marketing, etc., to create a unique and innovative comprehensive economy of entertainment industry.

Revolutionizing the Entertainment Industry

  • Vofans with the help of blockchain technology, realizes the decentralized storage and transmission of entertainment contents. Therefore, the excessive interference of centralized channels on contents, such as the arbitrary deletion or blocking, is eliminated; 
  • The copyright protection and authenticity traceability of star contents and works are realized through distributed ledger and encryption algorithm, and the rational exchange circulation of IP rights and values is achieved, which effectively protects original authors and makes the data of contents circulation more transparent. Fans can also purchase those contents on the Vofans chain by much lower transaction costs. 
  • After each crowdfunding, activity and task released by Vofans, the stars can give out their own exclusive Tokens, and the fans can get Tokens, so that the fans can truly participate in the growth of the stars, which is also an investment behavior for the stars. Star exclusive Tokens will also realize multiple application scenarios such as transaction and exchange.

First DApp-AFF

Fans get their specified token by supporting their idols/stars’ growth through time or money or both; Stars and their respective agencies can encourage fans to acquire the star's exclusive tokens in the form of bonus gifts. Brand makers can also hand out tokens to fans as rewards for participating in the brand's marketing events.

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