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The Opportunities

2.2 bn Gamers Globally

$ 7.8 bn Industry Revenue Growth (Year-on-Year)

53% Asia’s Market Share

The Challenges

1. Gaming is fragmented. Gamers have multiple profiles across games, with data and progress siloed within each game.

2. Uneven distribution of winnings. Gamers spend hours on their favourite games, but only 3% lay claim to 90% of earnings.

3. Lack of competitions. Most gamers want to compete, but few avenues exist for both pros and non-pros.

4. Games lack replayability. Most games have a short life span of 3 to 6 months. Gamers lose interest thereafter.

The rise in popularity and market size of Esports has also seen a growing number of online gaming platforms emerge.

These platforms allow players to become a part of the global gaming community, enabling them to share their experience, play with others, and even earn prizes. However, there are all too often drawbacks to these services, especially where earning from gaming is concerned, be it difficulty withdrawing funds, lack of transparency in the distribution of prize funds, and fraud on the part of third-party services.

Bountie’s Solutions

Always-on Tournaments

• Organisers and gamers can use Bountie to create and join Sponsored, Pro (buy-in fee required) and Free-to-Play Tournaments. Tournaments are available all year round.

• Tournament tiers - Ensures that tournaments are designed for appeal to pros, semi-pros and casual gamers.

Addresses a lack of competitions and increases engagement in the Gaming community.

Earning Potential

• Gamers get paid when they win matches and tournaments.

• Payouts from winnings can take up to 6 months. But at Bountie, gamers are paid immediately.

Addresses uneven distribution of earnings in the industry and makes Gaming sustainable for a substantial segment of Gamers.

Universal Gamer Profiles

• Gamers create one universal profile.

• Gamer profiles kept open; Game Developers integrate via a publicly accessible API.

Addresses fragmentation in the industry.

Blockchain Technology

• Tournament and gamer profile data will be stored in the blockchain for transparency and efficiency.

• Decentralised computing for platform stability as load increases.

• Bountie’s proprietary matchmaking algorithm - crawl for data on the blockchain, accurately ranks, match gamers up with one another.

Addresses security concerns associated with online transactions, promotes transparency, reduces fragmentation in the industry, and paves the way for future growth by increasing scalability.

With Bountie, Gamers get paid to play. Bountie’s Platform is now LIVE on app.bountie.io

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