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Independent Energy and IoT Consultants

CIOT Energy are expert independent energy and IoT consultants that implement customised client solutions in the areas of Energy Management – Metering and Software, IoT – Asset Management, Smart Buildings, Demand Response and Energy Storage.

CIOT Energy are currently focussed on helping clients in the Asia-Pacific region, covering Australia, Singapore, India (Bangalore), Malaysia.

CIOT Energy provide customised client solutions and advisory services in the following areas:

• Energy Management – Metering and Software

• IoT Solutions – Asset management and enhancement

• Smart Lighting Lighting – Home Automation Automation

• Demand Response

• Energy Storage and Solar Panel Installations

• Smart Infrastructure

• ISO 50001 Compliance

Why is Active Energy Management Necessary?:

• Lack of data makes improvements difficult – Measure and manage!

• Energy efficiency measures cant be recognized or quantified without data

• Assets currently operating below their potential

• Government compliance requirements are Increasing

• Possible additional revenue streams available which are not being utilized

CIOT Energy provide customized client solutions:

• Energy Management – Installation of Metering and use of cloud based Software for complex analysis – First measure then manage! Optimize chillers, lighting systems etc

• IoT Solutions – Asset management and enhancement – make data driven decisions and optimize your assets

• Control - Smart Lighting & Home Automation – control remotely and across portfolios

• Access ancillary markets to generate revenue – Demand Response

• Energy Storage and Solar Panel Installations - build redundancy into your operations and decrease costs

• ISO 50001 Compliance – comply to regulations and become a best practice company

The benefits of active energy management:

• Negotiate better rates – predict what you will consume and when

• Save money via energy efficiency measures

• Optimize all assets and reduce downtime from Asset failures

• Reduce carbon emissions

• Portfolio visibility - Control one building or across a portfolio

• Access ancillary markets – diversify revenue streams

• Data for reporting purposes becomes available anytime anywhere

• Government regulation compliance


Co-founder is an internationally experienced Energy Management professional with project delivery experience in a range of energy services including Smart Buildings, Demand Response, Smart Metering and Energy Management.

He has worked extensively throughout the UK, Europe, Australia and Singapore delivering key projects in Energy Management with a specialization in smart metering, energy management software and energy analytics. His qualifications include studies in electrical and electronic engineering, a degree in Science and Business, PMP (Professional Project Manager), Change Management and PRINCE2 designations on top of Post Graduate Project Management studies. He is also a full member of the Institute of Sustainability Professionals (MISP). He has regional exposure to Asia-Pacific countries and is based in the APAC region.

Another co-founder is a solution-focused engineering professional with 17 years’ experience in the Power and Infrastructure, Demand-side Energy Management and Energy efficiency sectors. His areas of expertise include Cloud-based platform development & deployment, advanced energy technologies to reduce energy demand, ECM's (Energy Conservation Measures) identification and Demand-side Energy Management. His qualifications include an MBA in Power Management and he is also a certified ASCEM (Associate Singapore Certified Energy Manager) and GMFM (Green mark Facilities Manager). He has regional exposure to Asia-Pacific countries and is based in Singapore.

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