REHABUNCULUS MOTION REHAB SOLUTION - The System for Motion Rehabilitation

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The problem our company solves impacts dozens of million people worldwide every year.

Certain health conditions (such as stroke and cerebral palsy) demand ongoing long-term or even lifetime rehabilitation, but 70% of people lack motivation or give up rehabilitation treatment because of the expensiveness that generally causes life quality fall-off and increases the risks of the recurring medical conditions.

The problem is a hot issue for overpopulated cities where hospitals can’t cover the demand for rehabilitation and generally focus on short-term intense therapy, thus patients demanding further rehabilitation remain unattended.

IISCI uses the background specified above as an opportunity to deliver a solution covering gap between intensive therapy in hospital and back to normal, giving ultimate tool to shorten treatment period for verticalized patients receiving physiotherapy treatment in hospital and patients after discharge from hospital.

We deliver an affordable, reliable and mobile solution with a smart technology inside that allows delivering ongoing rehab services in both at hospital and outpatient care segment.

The value is obvious for both those who deliver rehab services and those who need them:

● we extend rehabilitation services to deliver them home

● at the same time, we considerably reduce the recovery time and make sure in-home rehab goes the right way

● our solution is based on personal approach

● it minimizes the risks of recurrent disease

● we do it all with minimum impact on the busy clinical schedules and no hospital facilities involved

● since the greater part of the rehab process is performed by our software the cost is lower than it is when one applied to conventional rehab methods. Implementation approach is a software + hardware complexes (we have 2 product levels) analyzing actual motion volume of the patient and giving personalized exercises to improve motor abilities and balance.


Conventional approach to neurology patients rehab is time consuming and demands qualified professionals assistance. 

Technological solutions are only available in hospital and long-term rehab treatment is very expensive

70 % of patients give up rehabilitation because of lack of money and motivation, that brings their condition to regression

Solution - Mobile motor rehab system AI+VR+Telemedicine 

- Short-term intensive therapy in hospital includes first stage of motor rehab with Rehabunculus system

- Rehabunculus home service allows to ensure ongoing rehab therapy at home under the supervision of medical specialists as well as independently

AI-based technology provides natural effect of visual illusion to activate neuroplasticity process

● Virtual Reality

● Methodology developed by professionals

● Physiotherapy gamification

● Cloud computing and remote control

● Reliable statistics and reports

● Individual approach

● For home and hospital

First clinical tests results (Research Center of Neurology, Moscow) Balance and walking function improvement up to +25% Considerable improvement of large movements and common skills for patients with arm movement disorder

7 Clinical tests and approbations are in process/about to launch in Moscow

Russian Market Russian rehabilitation market is huge, for instance, there are 400-450 thousand of new stroke cases registered annually. Added to this there are spinal traumas, brain injury, oncology… and all these patients demand ongoing rehabilitation. Starting from 2010 Russian healthcare market demonstrates steady growth, especially, healthcare spending is growing for private sector. 

Our Mission

To become a leader in Rehabilitation segment pioneering the trend for tele health in Russia

To deliver affordable and reliable solutions for ongoing rehabilitation treatment

To increase the efficiency of rehab services and provide objective evaluation tools for health conditions

To create nation-wide rehab service network in Russia

International activities and awards

June 2017 – IISCI has won the participation in Vertical Health Accelerator (Helsinki) together with 9 other healthcare projects. Over 300 startups applied to be selected for the program.

September 2017 - IISCI rehab project was selected by TechCode to represent Russia at SHFTZ Business Exchange of Overseas Talents in Shanghai.

November 2017 – IISCI won silver representing Parkinson disease solution at ULTRAHACK 2017 Sprint II (Helsinki)

International Opportunities 

- UK– deal with investors for marketing support (Ex. BBDO founders and GB-located Angel investors)

- Nike functional training products – product development for US market

- TechCode CN (CFDA exemption) – sales/relocation support

- Saint Petersburg Polytech Shanghai (CFDA exemption) – sales/investments/relocation for CN market

- China Shanghai Qualisys (CFDA exemption) – local representative of IISCI

- NZ and AU (AI-Medical partnership) – dealing for first pilots and sales

- Sweden Qualisys – whole Qualisys international sales network, intentions of product FDA certification with Qualisys hardware

- Finland Vertical – 4+8 month equity-free program with relocation support and corporate contacts network

- HUS Helsinki Hospitals – VR Lab demo

- Kuopio Living Lab University Hospital – pilot deal (EU grant supported)

- Turku (Aivoliitoo University hospitals) – pilot deal

- Siipoo Elderly Care Houses (CE-mark free!!!) pilot starts in January 2018

- FolksHagen Elderlycare houses (CE-mark free!!!) pilots and sales

- HelsinkiBusinessHub – relocation/legal support

- Tekkies – funding opportunities deal US entity in DE for IP strategy and financial purpose

Russian Market – current status

- Yandex YAC’17 medical track – Technology intro in may 2017

- Research Center of Neurology – approbation, clinical research (final results in December 2017), home rehab service pilot (December 2017)

- Sechenov University – pilot and approbation

- Telemedicine government program – the project is included into Klimenko telemed program

- DD USM Holdings – in process

- 10+ hospitals deals in Moscow (key rehab centers in Moscow and regions focusing in post-stroke, ce)

- 1 private clinic in Voronezh

- Social Insurance Fund - 12 pilot regions

- Action Forum All-Russia people’s fund – presentation for Vladimir Putin (December 18-19)

Intelligence and Innovation Science team  - Software and hardware development, AI, Biomechanics, Mocap, Rehabilitation, Neurobiology 

В2В2С model

We reach new customers by partnering with hospitals. We combine forces and promote mutual beneficial service to the patients. The service combines our software and remote consulting services by the hospital specialists.

Thus we get a leads source and allow our partners to serve more patients increasing average amount without any impact on the busy hospital schedules.

Equipment rent + software monthly license + services = 15 000 RUR (250 USD) per month for 1 user

B2B model

We sell boxes (hardware and software) to a hospital to equip physiotherapy block.

The solution allows to cover more patients at a time, to get objective evaluation of the physio training sessions results and the treatment results in general.

The solution combined with the conventional methods of rehab proved to increase the efficiency of the therapy. Equipment + software license = 20 500 USD 1 st year entry amount per account, 11 280 USD next year entry amount per account

B2C model

We sell level 1 product option to a patient to practice at home. Level 1 product option = 150 000 RUR (2590 USD) including 1 year license for product updates and predict cloud solution.

Further license 60 000 per year.

An example: Research center of neurology is equipped with one set of Rehabunculus lvl 1 solution to rehab post-stroke and neurology patients in hospital (B2B).

Research center of neurology is a partner of IISCI in Rehab services solution. The patients are proposed to continue their rehabilitation with Rehabunculus solution at home, being supervised by the RCN specialists remotely.

RCN and IISCI share revenue from each patient - consulting services/software and hardware rent (B2B2C)

The global rehabilitation equipment market is expected to reach 14.91 Billion by 2021 from USD 9.86 Billion in 2016, at a CAGR of 8.6% during the forecast period.

Key strength of Rehabunculus solution:

1) Application of the artificial intelligence algorithms for predicting movements and creating visual illusions for the nervous system. Detection of individual movement characteristics for copying and modifying the patient's motor programs inside the AI, and then displaying images of movements on the avatar in real time.

2) Changing the perception of the patient's own movements by modifying the movements of the avatar both in the direction of idealization to increase motivation and engagement with the rehabilitation process, and in the direction of complication - to bring the patterns of movements to patient’s natural ones.

3) Completely individual approach to the patient, taking into account his individual movement characteristics and relearning of AI depending on the progress of the patient.

4) Constant monitoring and elimination of the use of compensatory movements by the system without the involvement of an outside control, the constant collection of data on the movements and the ability for remote monitoring of progress by the doctor

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