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  • 250,000 $

1) No sufficient knowledge about online forex trading and how to minimize its risk

2) No supporting tools to minimize its risk

3) False narrative and all the scams and introducing brokers painting it all easy and simple just for them to make bucks in commissions

4) Transactions charge fee is relatively high

5) Forex educations/courses are too costly

6) There’s no simple and safe way to let users and experts meet and collaborate on online FX trading


For beginners

A-Z, scratch to master online forex learning

Start investing in forex effortlessly

Adjustable risk management system from the very beginning

For experts

Mutual interests

Popularity gains

Making extra profits

Collaborating among them

Market Validation: 

- Indonesia sits on the2nd rank for bulk investment globally.

- There's around USD 10billion disappeared and 500K victims are reported in Indonesia alone. 

- In 2020 the population of productive ages in Indonesia is projected to reach 70% of country population.

- Forex is the largest financial market in the world, around USD 5.3T is being transacted daily.

- Our global competitor has USD 1 T transactions (since 2009) *zulu trade success story.

- The total transaction of Indonesian traders hits USD 645 Billion in 2017. Total commission paid out approximately USD 70 Million in 2017 *Indonesia Forex regulator data (Bappebtidata)

Current Traction: 

650 registered users

80 active users

$ 84 000 Sum of users equity that using our solution (GMV)

$ 524 Monthly Average Revenue (net Revenue)

Unfair Advantages:

- 1st Indonesian Fintech

Who has an independent copy trading service for online FXtrading.

-  Educational Support

We provides educational support which can be integrated in single app.

- Win-WinPartnership

Trading providers take nothing if they’re not able to generate profit.

- Advanced and Safer Risk ManagementSystem

User can simply adjust and fully control their own risk.

- Trustworthy Traders List

Only selected traders who have acknowledged a series of test and or competitions are allowed to put their names on the top traders list.


CEO10 years experience as a trader,and forex mentor,Co-founder and former director of Organik Banyu-wangi( agriculture startup company).

CTO4 years experience as lead engineer in overseas companies, IT consultant for 8 overseas Forex Brokers, Full stack developer,SCRUM MASTER.

Strategic Advisor - Experienced Co-Owner with a demonstrated history of working in the fintech and investment management industry. Skilled in Business Strategy, Investment Management, Business Development,Venture Capital,and Start-ups.


We are looking for 250 000 USD seed round: 

Opex - 65 000 

Marketing - 65 000 

Product development - 100 000 

Others - 20 000 

Financing to reach 18months -  $1.5 M Potential revenue

Active users 20 000

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