• 3,000,000 $

We invite investors to take part in the implementation of the project for GINEX socio-economic ecosystem, which derives from social and financial instruments of interaction between users and vendors in the gaming industry. In particular, its main foundation is a powerful economic bloc that will provide financial benefits to vendors (game producers), users (players) and investors who will benefit from creation if this system by having the chance to enjoy significant profits.

GINEX is the first socio- economic ecosystem in the gaming industry to have huge financial resources.
For the convenience of economic transactions GINEX uses the most popular acquiring systems.
A huge world market: 89.4 billion dollars.

- Commission for exchange between users:
In-game items
In-game currency
With in-game bonuses
With in-game tokens
In-gaming resources
Movable and immovable property
- Commission paid by vendors for the sale of:
In-game systems
In-game items
In-game currency
Of in-gaming resources
In-game bonuses
In-game tokens
Movable and immovable property
- Commission for withdrawal of funds from:
User account
fiat game account of the system
• Payment for services:
• Investments
Investment funds
Direct investments
• Services for cyber athletes and gaming media:
Paid broadcasts, subscription, content
Wallets collecting donations
• Banks:
Providing services to banks for access to players
and virtual economies of the vendors’ in-gaming
• Miscellaneous
Provision of turnkey services

Functional Capabilities: 
- Depositing and withdrawing funds to/from fiat gaming accounts;
- Paid subscription and content;
-Sale of game currency, items, resources, movable and immovable property; 
- Purchase and sale of tokens of gaming systems and projects;
- API and functionality for the banking sector;
- International acquiring; 
- Tools for financial support of users and vendors; 
- Promotion and advertising;
- Sale of game bonuses and provision of services. 

Calculation conditions:
- Volume of the target market audience: 40%.
- Active users, %: 9 (of GINEX audience).
- Date of receiving of the first user: one year after entry to the target market segment .
- The period required for occupying the target volume of the market segment: 1.5 years .
- Minimum price of the goods sold.

- Required amount of investment (1st round, for ICO), 3 000 000 USD 
- The required volume of investments (2nd round), billion dollars: 0, 306;
- NPV (for 7 years, including 2 years of R & D), 26 000 000 000 USD
- IRR, %: 224.
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