Start-up “AlmaMicroclone” - Accelerated reproduction and conservation of valuable plant species

  • 70,000 $

Investments - 50 000 USD - 100 000 USD

Content: Accelerated reproduction and conservation of plants using optimized by us biotechnology for use in pharmaceutics, food industry and in restoration of forests, plant nurseries, growing of green plants in city.

Summary: We are employees of the Almaty Technological University of the Republic of Kazakhstan. We have a biotechnology laboratory at the university where we can carry out microclonal (cuttings of plants in a test tube) propagation of various plant species by the order to business partners.

Product: Different types of plants, including: medicinal, forest, rare and endangered species of plants by order to the investors.

Example of product application: We have experience in breeding of virus free potatoes in the Almaty region; medicinal plants (immunomodulators, inulin-containing plants, plants for air purification in the offices and woody plants, as Paulownia. Our customers are government, botanical gardens, plant nurseries, private business partners, garden and forest associations.

Current status of the project: Startup idea

We have one business partner from Almaty, Kazakhstan which is engaged in the restoration of forests. For accelerated reproduction of plants our client contacted with us for obtaining seedlings by the microcloning method. For example, the tree seedlings are obtained within 4-7 years by the use of traditional method of propagation.

Plant microcloning methods allows you to speed up the process 2,0-2,5 times. We have a developed protocol for accelerated plant reproduction and a well-equipped biotechnology laboratory.


1. Improvement of Climate in the world by reproduction of new gardens and forests;

2. Restoration of Plant Biodiversity in the worldwide.


Head of startup project - Biotechnologist, Associate Professor , PhD

Manager of startup project - Biotechnologist, Associate Professor ATU, PhD 

And 5 employees (3- Masters, 2- PhD) 

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