Hotel for Sale in Phuket, Thailand

  • 1,900,000 $

Owner of a construction condo / hotel in Phuket is searching for buyers.

Investments:  SGD 1.9 million
Reason: Promoter wants to retire.
Physical assets worth SGD 2.1 million

Location - Phuket
- The property is situated in a very expanding tourist area.

- It is a unique state-of-art-rooms and facilities Hotel.

- It will have a capacity of 26 rooms.

- 40%-50% construction has been completed so far.

- 2 Alternatives of the project:

- Completion of the structure as condos or private house or any other option as chosen by the investor.

Construction of the building is more or less done on part of a land. Vacant adjacent land can be purchased in order to construct additional 20 to 30 Suites.

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