Development of a highly effective complex for the deep processing of wheat with a capacity of 250 thousand tons per year

  • 238,406,415 $

1. The goal of the Investment Project is to create a high-tech complex for deep processing of wheat, with a raw capacity of 250’000 tons of wheat a year.

2. The project will be located in the Kursk region, ranked fifth in Russia in terms of grain production.

3. The production complex for deep processing of wheat grain will produce the following products:

 Gluten wheat (dry wheat gluten),

 Native starch,

 Modified starches,

 Maltodextrin,

 Dry glucose syrup,

 Caramel and maltose syrups,

 Sweet fodder mixes.

4. The Project has been initiated by Biotechnology LLC, which will be the parent company for the SPV company of this Project. The initiator company owns land, and within such land there is a site especially suitable for developing this planned production complex.

5. The owner and management of Biotechnology LLC have the experience of implementing successful large business projects, including greenfield projects from the "zero" stage.

6. Currently, the Project is at the pre-investment phase: the analysis of the project outputs’ market has been carried out, the competitive position of the Project outputs in the market has been formed, the main technologies have been selected, the Project concept has been developed, and the investment attractiveness of the project has been evaluated.

7. Project efficiency indicators: NPV- 199,846 million euro, IC- 139,324 million euro, IRR-39,8 %, DPB-6,25 years.

The structure of the project financing is proposed as follows: 30% - investor's funds (own participation in the project), 70% - attraction of debt financing (project financing from the bank).

We would like potential investors to consider the possibility of participating in financing the remaining 30% of the required investment, in exchange for shares of SPV company of the Project.

Investment stage (development of technical and construction plans, construction works, purchase and installation of production and auxiliary equipment, commissioning) is 2,5 years from the start of the Project.

The amount of investment in the Project (IC) is 139,324 million euro or 238, 406 415 SGD, incl.:

 Buildings and structures – 42,978 million euro,

 Equipment – 86,013 million euro,

 Other investments – 1,5 million euro,

 Investments in working capital (WC) – 8,833 million euro.

 The net present value of the Project (NPV) is 199,846 million euro.

 The internal rate of return of the Project (IRR) is 39,8%.

 Discounted payback period (DPB) is 6,25 years.

 Profitability index (PI) is 143,44 %.

 The discount rate (WACC), rubles is 15,31%.

 The proposed structure of the Project financing is as follows: 30% - equity capital (it is necessary to attract an investor), 70% - a bank loan

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