Business project Production of Fibrolite plates EltoBoard/ wwcb/ WWCB

  • 20,113,674 $

The organization of production is proposed to create on the production facilities of the existing plant of reinforced concrete products. The manufacture of concrete products is engaged in the enterprise, commissioned in 1979 and specializes in release of the entire line of concrete products. In order to diversify production, the company's management has developed a business plan for the production of fiberboard EltoBoard/WWCB. 

Eltomation B. V., Barneveld, the Netherlands, supplies turnkey production lines and provides maintenance of equipment for the production of various types of cement binder slabs. Wood-cement slabs and products have excellent moisture-frost and fire resistance, resistance to rot, fungi, insects and termites, and are easy to process. These plates are a direct competitor to OSB, DSP, drywall, plywood, etc. But unlike others in those stoves is excluded chemicals (formaldehyde). Composition: 60% - wood fiber, 39.7% - cement, 0.3% - liquid glass.

Today it is the most advanced technology for the production of fibrolite plates. In Europe today produced 20 million m2 of slabs per year and this is not enough. In Russia, the only plant introduced in 2014 and produces plates under the brand Green Board. Almost all the products of this plant are sent to Europe. Engineer of the company Eltomation has designed the production line in the areas of reinforced concrete.

Infrastructure the essence of the plant is fully suitable for the production of fibrolite plates. 

The raw material for the production of slabs is any forest with a diameter of 10 cm and a volume of 60 000 m3 / year for this line. At a distance of 15-25 km from the plant, there is a cutting area with the calculation of cutting down 100 000 m3 per year for 100 years. The Northern forest has a very dense structure, which also has a positive effect on the production of plates.

No hazardous and harmful materials are used in the production of these boards and as a result it is allowed to use these plates in the construction of children's and medical institutions. Production does not contain hazardous emissions into the atmosphere, so additional measures to protect the environment, except those that are in the existing production of concrete products, is not required.

This plant can produce several types of plates:

- low density WWCB 380 kg / m3, 25 and 50 mm thick (acoustic plates) with a volume of 500 m3 per day. The market value of the plates: from 12 000 rubles. \ m3. Production cost-2000 p. / m3;

- high density Eltoboard of 1050 kg / m3, thickness from 12 to 24 mm (for SIP panels) of 115 m3 per day. The market value was 25000 RUB./m3, the cost -5800р/m3.

Agreements were reached with a large Dutch distributor Strimex BV-Utrecht on mutually beneficial cooperation in the sale of all future products of plates in the markets of Europe and Asia.

With the introduction of this line, the company creates an additional 76 jobs and 30 jobs in logging, engineering and technical personnel use the existing plant. Budgets of all levels will receive additional tax deductions: 550 million rubles per year. Direct payback of the plant is 2.5 years.

The cost of the technological line: 11.3 million Euros, the offer of Eltomation.

The cost of mechanized complex for deforestation: 90 million rubles. 

The cost of construction works: demolition of old equipment, foundations for new, the site for the timber-about 100 million rubles.

Working capital: 30 million rubles., it is necessary to start work on logging and in the winter period of removal to the timber plant to the plant. Total: 990 million rubles or 20 113 674, 5422 SGD 

Performance indicators of the project with an annual load of the enterprise in one shift from 8 to 24 hours year-round.

loading 8 hours24 hours
Payback periodyears3,35
NPVth RUB1 214 035
4 283 093
Discounted payback period


The rate of return on discounted costs(PI)%2,42
Total net profitth RUB2 471 678
7 668 616

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