Consulting in the field of trading


Do you have the intention to start and run businesses in Singapore, Hong Kong and other Asian countries, but have no the opportunity to present there personally? Are you in need company representatives in an Asian country, but there is no money or desire to open an office and hire employees?


We have an excellent offer that will save you time and money - agency services in Singapore, Hong Kong and other Asian countries!


Our staff consists of qualified specialists in the field of business, law, trade, investment, marketing, sales and office work. They will professionally represent the interests of your company!


Types of agency services:


  • Search for suppliers, distributors, business partners and other contractors
  • Organizing and conducting negotiations with potential counterparts;
  • Selecting specialists for the project work without their professional registration;
  • Organization and control of deliveries;
  • Participation in exhibitions;
  • Virtual participation in exhibitions;
  • Virtual office (company's dedicated telephone number + office manager);
  • Outsourcing of services in various areas.




  • Highly qualified specialists who speak Russian, English, Chinese, Indian, Indonesian languages and permanently live in Singapore and other Asian countries;
  • Reducing the cost of searching, hiring and monthly staff costs
  • You do not need to spend time and money on working visas
  • Savings on the payment of taxes and social contributions




Depending on the type of services you need, we can offer the following options for cooperation:


  • Fixed cost of the service;
  • Hourly pay for the work of specialists;
  • Agency fee based on transaction results.


How you will benefit with our company:


  • We provide comprehensive business support to our clients in the countries of Southeast Asia: Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, etc.;
  • We are trusted by: Moscow Government, Russian Railways, Donskoy Tabak, Euroset, Tsentrosoyuz, Azbuka Vkusa, Culinaryon, Transmashholding, Moscow Center for International Cooperation, Domodedovo Airport, Tokyo Group and Machete and a few hundred lesser known companies;
  • We have many years of experience and expertise in the markets of these countries;
  • Our specialists live in Asian countries and have a direct understanding of the markets in most industries. They are well aware of international trade, investment, business building rules, marketing, sales and records management, and are also fluent in English and Russian;
  • You will save on paying taxes for local employees and for work permits for foreign employees;
  • We use only reliable sources of information and modern methods of searching and checking counterparties;
  • We have a personalized approach for each client. We will offer exactly the set of services that will be most useful to you so that you will not spend extra money and will be able to save your time.

Price: on request


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