Consulting in the field of investment

According to statistics, about 50% of new companies cease their activities in the first stages of their existence due to inefficient management, insufficient financing or ineffective plan for business development. For these reasons, the right solution for profitable and reliable investment is often the acquisition of existing business. The main advantages of investing in a ready business:

  1. existing team that knows the specifics of company's activities;
  2. formed base of regular customers, which significantly reduces company's additional expenses for attracting clients;
  3. there is no need to obtain licenses and permits for doing business;
  4. the analysis of existing documents helps to identify company's prospects.

When acquiring an existing business, it is necessary to determine the following criteria: the size of the investment and the minimum desired income, the company's activities, the location of the business, the terms and conditions for its purchase. It is necessary to learn in detail about the type of company's activities, the main business operations and their scheme.

The preparation of documents for a transaction is one more important point. Russian Asian Business Union offers services in preparing the necessary documents for the purchase and sale of existing businesses, including their verification, drafting contracts, checking all sorts of aspects and other nuances.


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